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Personal Branding – Natasha Malkov from Barkly Basics

Barkly Basics founder Dr Natasha Malkov with design kitchen sponges and products

November 14, 2021

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There’s nothing better than working with people who truly inspire you.  You find yourself in awe of their passion, innovation and the copious amount of hard work and dedication they put in, secretly hoping some of their tenacious spirit will rub off!

Even better is when they are the nicest of people, so very humble in their success and always grateful for the rewards they so richly deserve.  Just like Dr Natasha Malkov.

I first met Natasha over a coffee 6 years ago.  Back then Natasha was just about to launch a website for her new business venture and needed images to bring it all together.  Natasha was just at the start of seeing her design innovation Barkly Basics come to life, all while navigating the logistical challenges of production, sales and distribution. 

I was wide eyed as she was telling me her vision and admired her inner strength and determination to move out of her comfort zone and take a simple idea that came to her when she was at the kitchen sink and actually make it happen. 

Affectionately known as ‘The Sponge Lady’, Natasha has made people feel joyful about having good looking kitchen products. Who would have thought the humble kitchen sponge could spark such a passionate and loyal following.  

Natasha’s vision was simple…create kitchen cleaning products that look so good you don’t embarrassingly hide them away when guests come over.

And from the start, it’s been a formula for success – superior quality and functionality all wrapped up in beautiful contemporary design.  

Gone are those scungy green sponges, replaced with a refined tonal palette of black and white.  Classic and simple but looking oh so good sitting right there on your bench top for all to admire – cue the ooh’s and aah’s!!

Fast forward to 2021 and Natasha has just moved into her second warehouse (twice the size of her first) and added a further 30 or so product lines to the Barkly Basics collection (with more in the works).  Sales and distribution have gone global.

I feel so privileged to have photographed the Barkly Basics range from the very start and more recently a personal branding shoot with Natasha in her new warehouse.   But most importantly I’ve enjoyed watching on as Natasha has taken her simple yet clever idea and turned it into an impressive enterprise.

I hope you enjoy the highlights from our most recent personal branding and product shoots and don’t forget to check out the Barkly Basics range.

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