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Why is Personal Brand Photography Important?

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October 19, 2021

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Personal branding goes far beyond your website design, the fonts you choose, and your logo. It’s all about the story you want to communicate to the public. It’s about what you have to offer to your clients – the skills, qualities, and experience you have that set you apart from the rest. So many different elements go into building your personal brand, but the photos you use to tell your story are especially powerful. Here’s why personal brand photography is so important for you and your business or career.

1. It helps you connect with your audience

Personal brand photography shows potential clients who you really are. It allows them to connect with you beyond just a name or a faceless website. And people are way more likely to buy a product, book, seminar, or comment on a post that comes from someone they feel like they genuinely know and have a relationship with. Professional personal brand photography can help your build this trust with your audience.

2. A picture’s worth a thousand words

Don’t under estimate the power of a great photo. Let’s imagine you’ve made a mental note that you don’t need any more shoes this season – when all of a sudden, you’re scrolling through your feed and you see a photo of a pair of the most glorious mocha suede heeled boots with a beautiful gold zipper and clip detail that will go perfectly with several of your outfits and be the envy of all your friends! That shot alone can have the power to change your mind and have your finger tapping the add to shopping cart!

In a similar way, great personal brand photos can have a powerful impact. If your audience feels an instant connection with the happy, friendly professional they see on their screen, they’re more likely to want to find out more about you and what you have to offer. You’ll have them tapping through to your website or landing page in no time.

Remember, people buy from people, and it’s usually from people they know and like!

3. It tells the story of your brand

Studies have shown that people make judgements about a website’s quality in just 1.5 seconds. This means you’ve really got to make that first impression count and great personal brand photos can do this.

But as a business owner or thought leader, you’re not just there to make a great first impression – you’ve got to run a successful enterprise too!

So how do we keep building on that instant connection so you are seen as an authority they trust and want to do business with. How do we increase the conversion through pictures?

Well most of the onus is on you here, you’ve just got to keep showing up! People feel connected with you when they see you show up consistently, sharing what makes you and your business unique. Images will get you front and centre in the feed and having ones that are great quality, you are proud to use and that align with your story and message is one of the best motivating forces inspiring you to do just this, allowing you to go beyond the first impression and build meaningful relationships. With a bucket load of images at your fingertips that show you doing the work, being professional and approachable with engaging lifestyle, behind the scenes or detailed imagery, you can betcha you’ll be feeling more confident to share all of your meaningful content.

There you have it! No matter where you’re currently at in your business, great personal brand photos will give you the power to get to where you want to be. They’ll help you build trust with your audience, change heart and minds, and communicate your story in a more effective way.

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