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November 18, 2021

I’m Alison.
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There’s a special kind of energy that washes over me when I work with another creative on their personal branding photography.  All those quirky suggestions you have for a shot list that may push the envelope for some are instead embraced with enthusiasm by someone with a shared creative mind.

A sprinkle of magic…definitely a shift in energy…whatever you want to call it, it’s like nourishment for the soul and makes me want to pinch myself because my work literally feels like play in those moments!

That’s how it was with Rox Martyn for her personal branding photography shoot.  A recommendation from another client brought Rox into my world to create images for the promotional launch of her first book Beyond Our World.

Rox is a visual thinker and uses whimsical illustrations to spark conversations which I just love.  She challenges people to think differently and step beyond their comfort zone into a world of creative possibility.  Totally inspiring and right up my alley!

How would I best describe her book?

…A delightfully illustrated treasure chest of creative possibility!

It’s definitely a map that guides your creative learning and growth for a better way of being. It unpacks the wonderful treasures of creativity and organises them into five realms of creative discovery, each housing a collection of whimsical illustrations to spark different thinking and conversations that nudge you forward. 

Rox’s book is currently stocked in Melbourne stores

and the Bright Bookshop and in Mansfield.

 But you can easily grab your copy by visiting her website

While you’re there check out all the details on how Rox can be engaged for creative leadership, speaking events, talks, workshops and creative collaborations

Enjoy checking out all the highlights from Rox’s Personal Branding Photography Shoot.

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