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How not having personal branding photos is costing you

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May 22, 2022

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This one misconception about personal branding photography could mean you’re leaving thousands on the table.

What is it?

“I’m not photogenic”

This is probably the first thing that comes out of most people’s mouths after they find out I’m a photographer.

And I totally get it. 

If all you’ve been looking at are unflattering shots taken by friends or family, it’s really easy to fall into that way of thinking.

All you see is the dark circles under your eyes, a double chin, wrinkles, weird expressions, the outfit you thought looked good but really revealed your muffin top or bingo wings…

The list goes on and I’ve heard it all, and I don’t mean to trivialise it because it’s really sad how hard we can be on ourselves.

But here’s a reality check….

Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) is not going to look their best in bad lighting, bad framing, with bad or no direction from the phototaker…

So you need to cut yourself some slack and see it for what it is  – a recipe that is never going to produce great images of you.

If you are stuck in this way of thinking, it’s really time to call out your own drama on this because the ramifications to your business could be huge.

Just this one little misconception that you have and which is preventing you from having a professional shoot because you think you are not good in front of the camera,  means you are going to really struggle to show up effectively and authentically online because you don’t have the shots you need or that you like to support you doing so.

The result is way fewer people get to know who you are, what’s important to you and the service and value you provide. 

And when you’re not effectively building connections and trust with your potential clients, it really does lead to a whole raft of problems in your business.

You don’t need me to tell you, I’m sure you know what they are…taking on any work you can get, with less than ideal clients just to keep ticking over.

Sound familiar?

If this resonates with you and you know you’re holding yourself back in business because you’re stuck with using old photos or bad selfies or worse – stock images – online and in your marketing activities get in contact and I can help you figure out what you might need.

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