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April 13, 2022

I’m Alison.
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When I first decided to niche down and focus on personal brand photography I knew I needed an entire overhaul – my brand, my marketing, my website, my socials, EVERYTHING!  An insurmountable task in my mind.  I knew the key elements I needed to create and implement but struggled with where to start. 

What was I about?  What was my message? How did I want people to feel about me and my business? Who did I want to serve?…Arghhh, it was hard!

After much contemplation, I realised I needed to go back to first principals and define my brand story.  I knew if I could tap into that everything else – the look, the feel, my brand voice, what I wanted to share and how I wanted to share it – would fall into place.  

Now, I did all this in the dark days of the first Covid lockdowns, so with time on my hands I think I did a pretty good job… eventually… but it certainly wasn’t easy and I had to dig really deep.  I have a creative flair for sure but not so much with the written word so I really struggled getting the copy down and it felt like it took F O R E V E R!

If only I knew my client Litsa Barberoglou from Brandivine back then.  I would have saved myself a whole lot of frustration and time!    

Litsa’s passion lies with helping her clients establish remarkable brands that add value to their customers’ lives and create opportunities for future growth. 

Her brilliance is in helping you define YOUR brand story.  The story that allows your passion to shine through and create an emotional connection that builds trust with the very people you want to bring into your world. 

From there, you are just a couple of steps away from creating consistent marketing to reinforce trust and credibility and leveraging this to create customer loyalty.

And, do you know what happens next? 

Those loyal customers start to talk about your brand because you are worth talking about! 

After a couple of false starts (blame those pesky lockdowns, a little mishap and the serge of Omicron), Litsa and I finally got together to create this collection of images to help her clients get to know her even better.  Enjoy the highlights from Litsa’s personal brand photoshoot!

Special thanks goes to Kaye Ure from Styling Individuals for helping Litsa with outfit selections and her make up on shoot day.

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