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Are your personal brand photos telling your story?

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February 1, 2022

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Have you caught yourself thinking time and time again, I really need some great photos so I can get myself out there, be more visible, show up for my business and ignite the spark that attracts my dream clients…but beyond thinking of some nice headshots, you draw a big fat blank on what images you need.

Great personal branding photos are so much more than professional headshots – they tell the story of you.  So it’s really important to ensure they are a true reflection of who you are and the information you are sharing!  But where do you start?

Here are three simple questions to ask yourself when thinking of the images you could be using to elevate your personal brand and tell your story.

1. Do your personal brand photos showcase your personality?

People want to know who they are doing business with, which is why your photos should capture your personality. So have some fun with it. The best personal brand photos communicate who you really are – your skill, charms and quirks! It’s great to look at other images for inspiration – there are so many great personal brands out there – but there is only one you! So stay true to yourself in front of the camera and make your personal branding photos your own.

2. Do your personal brand photos tell a story?

If you had to put all your photos together, would they tell a story?

If almost all your photos look like they were shot against a plain backdrop in a studio, they aren’t tell the story of you, your business or your brand. Don’t get me wrong, the classic studio headshot is a valuable image asset. Used as your profile portrait across multiple platforms. it provides consistency for instant recognition, something I always recommend to my clients. But what about all the other places you want your image to pop up – your posts, your website, your blogs, your emails, free guides, e-books, promotions etc…

Using the same old headshot will get REAL boring REAL fast, not just for those engaging in your content, but for you too!

As I always say, if you don’t live or work in a studio, why be photographed in one!

Great personal brand photos are just that – personal. So get comfortable with bringing in REAL life, thinking outside the square are creating VARIETY!!

Need some inspiration? Download my FREE GUIDE – Personal Branding Photography, Must Have Images.

3. Who is your target audience?

To decide whether your photos are telling the right story, ask yourself if your target audience would find the images appealing based on their needs and interests. Would the photos align with the content and message you’re sharing with your audience? Or are they just a random mismatch?

If your personal branding photos aren’t allowing you to show up the way you want the world to see you, if you are constantly scrambling around having make do with mediocre or stock imagery that doesn’t authentically represent, reinforce or enhance what you have to share so you get noticed, you may want to redo them with the help of the right photographer.

A professional branding photographer can really help you translate your story into visuals that your target audience will understand and resonate with. Images have the power to make a great first impression and get you front and centre in this digital world. Not only that, having ones that are great quality, you are proud to use and that align with your story and message is one of the best motivating forces inspiring you to keep turning up, allowing you to go beyond the first impression and build meaningful relationships.

If you would like to discuss your personal brand photography with me, just get in contact.

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